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All the benefits of a mezzanine floor

Purchasing a mezzanine floor has some pretty big advantages over other options you have when you’re short of space. It’s cheaper than moving, takes less time and effort and the lack of space is solved relatively quickly. For those who don’t know it yet: a mezzanine floor is a self-supporting steel construction that provides you with a whole extra floor in your space. With this floor, you can do anything you like. Curious about more advantages of the mezzanine floor? We’ll tell you all about it in this blog article! 

No need to renovate or relocate

When your core business grows, it’s important that the other parts of your company grow with you, otherwise you’ll quickly run into problems with scaling up your business processes. The most obvious solution for a lack of space is to move your company or storage facilities. But this costs an awful lot of time, money and energy. It’s a shame when you consider that with a mezzanine floor from you can have an extra floor built in your current premises, with the investment recouped within two years. 

Don’t keep paying for space you don’t use 

Especially if your premises have a high ceiling, chances are you are paying for space you don’t use. All the space in the sky is a waste of space but you can make good use of it by building a mezzanine floor. You double the usable square footage of your business. 

Your own design 

At Nolte Mezzanine they always make the construction floors completely to measure for you. This means it is even possible to adapt your mezzanine floor to your brand, corporate identity or to the rest of the interior. The construction will be a perfect match for your organization, allowing you to enjoy it even more. You can also always expand the floor at a later date, for example, if you wish to move to a larger space after a few more years. The floor can simply move with you!