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Why do you need to be wary of books about successful success and courses from various titled and not very info-businessmen?

We read a lot of books and realized that successful success is rather a survivor’s mistake. Those. circumstances coincided so that someone was lucky, but thousands of others, perhaps more talented and educated, were not.

And, of course, the circumstances and the launch pad. Most of the creators of unicorns, startups valued at a billion dollars, are not just rags to riches people, but the children of wealthy and already successful parents. They had all the prerequisites and all the possibilities. The best universities around the world and connections where you need it. If you do not have this, then there will be no success in the categories that are written about in business books and talked about by info-businessmen.

But what you can do is create a good product and be somewhere in the middle. Work hard and give impetus to future generations. You can hope for more, but hope, as you yourself understand, can hit you in the nose very seriously if at some point you realize that it is not destined to come true.

For example, a few stories. Snapchat. The future creator of the Snapchat social network, Evan Spiegel, was a Southern California “golden youth” son of wealthy parents and studied computer science at Stanford. On the one hand, he understood modern technologies, on the other, he was never deprived of female attention. The girls he met sent him their candid photos, and this prompted him to think that it would be nice if such “compromising” photos would “self-destruct” after some time. This idea was implemented in Picaboo, and later in Snapchat, which has grown into a business worth billions of dollars.

Skype started out as a pirated music-sharing service Kazaa.

Pixar originally dabbled in computers for animation, but sales were terrible. When Pixar was on the verge of bankruptcy, one of its employees suggested using its own technology to create an animated film. The change in direction and the new use of technology made Pixar one of the most successful film companies in history. (True, before that, Steve Jobs bought the company and invested just crazy money in production)

What I would like to note in the end. Don’t chase easy money and “successful success”. This is a mirage. It doesn’t exist. Develop critical thinking. Look for opportunities to make the most of your launch pad. Read books, many books, so as not to be deceived by people who want to cash in on your trust.

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